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Repped Artists

Simon Bisley

Adrenaline pumping, high octane jet fuel, laced with the cream and the clear HGH, Simon Bisley's artwork shocks audiences with ultra powerful imagery. From the exaggerated human anatomy to the bad-@$$ attitude, everything is amped up in Bisley's pieces that is an extension of his larger than life, renegade personality. Even still, Bisley is able to focus these traits in a very refined way through the artwork as his line and painted pieces are crafted with the precision of a surgeon and the soul of a poet.

All Pages :

Issue: 2
Page: Cover

Issue: 3
Page: Cover

Heavy Metal 2
Page: 30

Heavy Metal 2
Page: 53

Heavy Metal 2
Page: 55

Maximum Force
Issue: 7
Page: Cover

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