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Repped Artists

Murphy Anderson

The Murphy Anderson finishing touch solidified definitive works by legends such as Gil Kane, Carmine Infantino, and Curt Swan. His consistency made it possible to have a house style for the various titles in the DC line. Anderson's own pen and ink graced the pages of Hawkman and Atomic Knights during the Silver Age. It showed off his wonderful figurework and exceptional storytelling abilities that is both enthralling and entertaining to behold.

All Pages :

Issue: 391
Page: 2

Mystery in Space
Issue: 77
Page: Cover

Mystery in Space
Issue: 81
Page: 22

Issue: 36
Page: 3

Strange Adventures NEW
Issue: 150
Page: 29

The Atom
Issue: 10
Page: 8

The Atom
Issue: 11
Page: 6

World Finest
Issue: 244
Page: 2

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