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Steve Ditko

As if you didn't already know, Steve Ditko is the legendary co-creator of Spider-Man and set the tone for the rest of the Marvel Universe. He brought to the superhero genre a classic hero that is as awkward and offbeat as each one of us in real life. Every visual put on the page had an emotional or intellectual impact because it had a realism that engages the audience. Through Ditko's art, Peter Parker's heartbreak, his problems, his joy, his adventures, his triumphs, and his sacrifices were ours. Steve Ditko's imaginative art continued to fascinate audiences with high ideals and concepts in Dr. Strange, The Creeper, Hawk & Dove, Mr. A, The Question and more. Each character evolved into a new type of hero that challenged the definition of "superhero" once again.

All Pages :

Issue: 8
Page: 2

Fantastic Four Annual
Issue: 1
Page: 53
$15,000- stolen

Issue: 30
Page: 1

Ghostly Haunts
Issue: 34
Page: Cover

The Hulk
Issue: 6
Page: 13

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