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Dick Sprang

Dick Sprang is hailed as one of the most influential Batman artists of all time. Like all artists of the character during the Golden and Silver Age, his name was uncredited in the books. However, fans took notice of the high quality whenever his artwork appeared and it made a lasting impression in establishing how the characters should look. Sprang polished and refined the look of Batman and Robin for the Golden Age super-hero audience. His significant redesigns became what most Golden Age Batman fans recognize as the classic look. While Sprang's originals from the Golden Age are near impossible, there was a time when he did recreations after retirement. Fairly soon, he realized that the wait time on his list would be seven years before he could finish all the requests! He decided he couldn't take any more names at that point and did no more. The few pieces have become highly prized by any serious fan or historian of the Batman legacy.

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