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Repped Artists

Kevin Nowlan

A favorite choice for pencillers to have ink their work, Kevin Nowlan uses varying line widths in a precise manner to great effect. Garnering much acclaim for his work over Gil Kane's work, Nowlan was able to take anyone's dynamic compositions and create a new signature look. His work proved popular enough that fans began seeing Nowlan pencil and ink his own work. Whether it's for someone else or his own compositions, Nowlan infuses raw energy and bottled refinement that is instantly recognizable for the skilled manner of brushwork.

All Pages :


Green Lantern and Adam Strange
Issue: 1
Page: Cover


Iron Fist
Issue: 14
Page: recreation

Strange Tales
Issue: 14
Page: Cover

Superman Ancient Blood of Rao
Issue: 1
Page: Cover

Teen Titans Spotlight on Jericho
Issue: 6
Page: Cover

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