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Neal Adams

Neal Adams is one of the most influential forces in comics history. His artistic mastery revolutionized and opened up a full range of emotions, mood, and perspectives that broke away from the cartoony look of his contemporaries' artworks in the Silver Age to usher in a new era. Adams' sophisticated photorealistic artwork demanded changes in the way superhero stories were being told and opened up the potential for what types of stories could be told through comics.

All Pages :

Ben Casey
Issue: 4-15-66
Page: daily

Ben Casey
Issue: 2-6-1966
Page: Sunday

Brave and the Bold
Issue: 80
Page: 13

Challengers of the Unknown
Issue: 74
Page: 1

Issue: 407
Page: 5

Green Lantern
Issue: 83
Page: Cover

Hot Wheels NEW
Issue: 6
Page: 1

Superman vs Muhammad Ali
Issue: 1
Page: 53

The Six Million Dollar Man
Issue: 2
Page: Cover

The Superadventure Colorforms set
Page: cover

World Finest
Issue: 186
Page: cover

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