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Winsor McCay

A Winsor McCay original is not only an elegant piece of artwork, but also a significant historical document that tells much about the times in which they were created. His editorials, strips, and stories appeared in newspapers and reflected the popular ideals, optimism, fears, irony, humor, and attitudes of the early 20th Century. McCay's greatest outlet for these ideas was his masterpiece "Little Nemo In Slumberland", where he displayed a mesmserizing imagination combined with a progressive art nouveau style to create adventures in worlds within dreams. McCay's cartooning mastery also extended to the field of animation where he hoisted that fledgling industry with classic works such as "Gertie the Dinosaur". Some of the most exquisite McCay pieces were done for newspaper editorials as he lavishly adorned the editor's ever vasillating simple and straighforward ideas.

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