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Don Heck

Don Heck has worked on most of the greatest characters in the Marvel and DC roster. He's one of the greats in the Marvel Bullpen whose far reaching contributions bolstered the successes of Tales to Astonish, Journey into Mystery, the early appearances of Iron Man, Avengers, and more. Heck moved onto DC in the 70's and also got credits for Justice League of America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, World's Finest and more. Heck's action compositions on his covers and skillful interiors took comic readers to some of the greatest adventures ever. Heck is also noted for sleek linework that has graced some of DC and Marvel's mightiest female characters. Curves and line widths are drawn with a sensual touch that made the women look as appealing as they could have been. Batgirl, Wasp, Black Widow, Wonder Woman became fan favorites under Heck's mesmerizing line control.

All Pages :

Amazing Adventures
Issue: 8
Page: 7

Wonder Woman
Issue: 306
Page: 5

Wonder Woman
Issue: 306
Page: 6

Issue: 47
Page: 3

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