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John Byrne

John Byrne established his dominance in the comics industry during the late 70's to mid 80's with classic work that made the Uncanny X-Men into Marvel's flagship title. A definite Byrne style of drawing faces, figures, and scenery etched its way into the consciousness of fans everywhere. The artwork has a clean and pleasing detailed manner which tells the story with force and depth of emotion. Readers wanted more and also became addicted to anything and everything he did before and after X-Men. John Byrne's contributions to the Avengers, Captain America, Alpha Flight, Incredible Hulk, Superman, Wonder Woman, Kirby's Fourth World, Namor, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Action Comics, She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers, Next Men, Batman, JLA, and many other titles have all been memorable. People collect them because they are known as the Byrne run of that title.

All Pages :

Alpha Flight
Issue: 10
Page: Cover

Amazing Heroes
Issue: 76
Page: cover
Price: Please Inquire

Issue: 183
Page: 1

Issue: 187
Page: 30

Fantastic Four
Issue: 233
Page: 6

Fantastic Four
Issue: 236
Page: 35

Fantastic Four
Issue: 239
Page: 8

Fantastic Four
Issue: 268
Page: 15


Issue: 24
Page: Cover


Peter Parker Spectacular Spiderman
Issue: 58
Page: 18

Uncanny X-men
Issue: 115
Page: reinterpretation

Uncanny X-men
Issue: 121
Page: 23

Uncanny Xmen NEW
Issue: 114
Page: 10

Uncanny Xmen NEW
Issue: 139
Page: 31

Uncanny Xmen
Issue: 142
Page: 17

Uncanny Xmen
Issue: 142
Page: 27

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