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Repped Artists

Ron Garney

Ron Garney is one of those go to guys that editors can count on to deliver outstanding quality on straightforward traditional superhero comic stories. He emphasizes an imaginative way to present the ideas for each individual character for every page. Garney has been entrusted with some of the biggest titles such as Superman, JLA, The Hulk, Captain America, Silver Surfer, X-Men, and more grand events because his artwork can adapt so readily from focusing on an intimate story to an expansive epic.

All Pages :

Captain America
Issue: 3
Page: 20

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty
Issue: 1
Page: Cover

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty
Issue: 4
Page: unused cover

Silver Surfer
Issue: 129
Page: 10

Uncanny X-men
Issue: 422
Page: 1

Issue: 86
Page: 4

Issue: 86
Page: 7

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