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White Queen by Bruce Timm

Award winning designer and producer for many of the quality DC superhero cartoons from the 90�s to today, Bruce Timm brought his passion for comics into every aspect for Batman the animated series and set the course for all which followed. His tight schedule allows for few projects in the comics industry and what he does is out of great respect for the rich history of the artform. Bruce Timm brings an animation style that has rudiments couched in the vernacular of Kirby and Toth, but transcends their mastery with a polished exquisiteness for every line. Keyed for action impact, emotional response, or for glamorous effect, Timm�s drawings gets to the core essence of the subject matter with attention to form and style. The beauty of the design is complimented by its utility as it has potential to adapt from the static image to animated sequence within your imagination. Most Timm pieces are 8.5 by 11 inches and done on thin paper, unless noted different.

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