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Repped Artists

Al Vey

Al Vey's inking can be found delineating some of the industry's most notable pencillers. From action packed pages to quiet moments of inflection, Vey enhanced the mood and feel of every figure to strengthen its hold on the audience. While you may be drawn immediately to the flagship titles he has worked on, be sure to take time to look at some of the other titles to see superbly detailed textbook inking that makes the line dance and swerve to the audience's delight.

New Art

Dr Strange
Issue: 1
Page: 23

Dr Strange
Issue: 2
Page: 16

Uncanny Xmen
Issue: 348
Page: 22
Price: $5500

Uncanny Xmen
Issue: 12
Page: 18
Price: $400

Wolverine/ X-Men
Issue: 9
Page: 11
Price: $250

Art By Title

Avengers-Squadron 98
Dr Strange
Generation X
New Titans
Power Company
Spider-Man Actor
Uncanny X-Men
Uncanny Xmen
Wolverine/ X-Men

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